About Toriizaka Art

Welcome to our gallery. My name is Karen Thomas and I started Toriizaka Art out of a desire to share my passion for art with others. While I am an American by birth, I spent 25 years in Tokyo (1992 - 2018) raising a family, volunteering in support of a number of non-profit organizations and traveling throughout the world with my husband and family developing an understanding of and appreciation for many different cultures and traditions. 

One of our collective passions was collecting art during our travels. For years, friends who saw our unique and eclectic collection asked me to help them source works to assist in building their own collections.

Since opening our doors in early 2006, Toriizaka Art welcomed many art lovers into our salon style gallery space, originally in central Tokyo.  With our move to Portland, OR. and the emergence of COVID 19, we have become a virtual gallery, sharing our pieces on the website and via social media.  We feature a diverse selection of exceptional art, primarily from Vietnam.  We work with each artist to choose pieces we believe represent their finest works and while we don’t claim to be experts at predicting the future value or appreciation of various artists or specific pieces, we have been told time and time again that our pieces are of outstanding quality.

Most of our patrons come to us by word of mouth and many have become friends. We welcome everyone who has an interest in the visual arts to view the collection online. Although many of our sales (during our time in Tokyo) were to Tokyo residents who were able to come to view the art in person, recommendations from our clients  resulted in more than fifty percent of our sales being sent to collectors around the world.

During our time in Tokyo, we held a number of invitation only benefit exhibitions and events supporting non-profit educational organizations and regularly supported initiatives in our community associated with local charities.  It was our dream to follow the same model in Portland.  For now and into the foreseeable future, we will be operating online but are happy to provide virtual design advise and share (virtually) how the art is displayed in our salon style space.  

In addition to representing Vietnamese artists, we curated the exhibitions at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo from 2010 to 2017, just before our departure from Tokyo.  The hotel exhibitions were Japan themed and featured contemporary Japanese and foreign artists. 

Please enjoy our virtual online gallery and contact us at info@toriizakaart.com to be added to our distribution list or to ask any questions.

The website is kept up to date (as much as humanly possible) and all pieces that are shown as available can be purchased. Domestic and international delivery is offered for all of our works. Additionally, we are happy to assist with local corporate and private client installations and art consultancy services including commissions. 

Your support and trust in us has placed wonderful pieces from our talented artists throughout the world. While we were sad to leave Tokyo, we are excited to now be in Portland, Oregon where we will continue to show distinctive works in our newly designed salon style event space.

We look forward to maintaining our relationships with our valued friends and clients who have enjoyed our Tokyo gallery over the years. Our goal continues to be to represent talented artists throughout the world and introduce their creative genius in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

We strive to make each experience with Toriizaka Art positive, rewarding and memorable. Our greatest pleasure is knowing that our clients have chosen art that speaks to them and has contributed in some way to an enhanced quality of life.


I am a real person who happens to love art.  One of my greatest joys comes from spending time with my family, traveling and exploring.  I've included a few family photos in case you'd like to put a face with a name and see what I do when I'm not working ...

  • dsc_5466
  • Tivoli Gardens in Florence, December, 2010
  • Thailand, 2007
  • Istanbul, Turkey, June 2007.  Blue Mosque
  • Untitled photo
  • At Arisagawa Park in Tokyo (photo courtesy of Del Benson) April, 2007
  • dsc_5753
  • Sri Lanka - 2013
  • dsc_5593
  • Sri Lanka - Tea Plantation
  • Sri Lanka - Cycling Tour, 2013
  • Yazd
  • December 2011 - Port Douglas, Australia
  • Morocco 2012
  • Morocco 2012
  • December 2010 Sienna, Italy
  • The Pyramids - Egypt
  • Myanmar, January 2008 - Jack, Gabriel, Karen, Miles, Gavin and Harrison.
  • Dubai
  • Near Black Butte Ranch, Central Oregon, June, 2008.
  • New Zealand - South Island 2007
  • Untitled photo
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