Thuy is thrilled that her works have been so well received at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo.  She is in process of completing her next collection and we will be bringing those works to Tokyo as soon as they are completed.

Doan Thuy Hanh

Doan Thuy Hanh graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University at the age of 24 and is competent with watercolors, oils and lacquer. Her passion however comes to life when she is working with lacquer and pigments on wood. Hanh describes the theme of her paintings as “impressions of my life”.

“I was born and grew up in Hanoi where I enjoyed four seasons, each with its own natural beauty and each season characterized by different activities and emotions for me as a child. My childhood was associated with some hardships with the past collectivist system but it was also filled with tremendous warmth and love between people. When I was a very little girl, I loved drawing and keeping myself busy with the imaginary world I dreamed of and sketched in old notebooks.”

“The Tet holiday was the happiest time during the year for me as I got dressed in new fluffy coats with a woolen scarf and went to the flower market with my mother or gathered with family members around the ample food we shared during the holiday celebrations. One of my favorite memories was each year when my whole extended family walked around Hoan Kiem Lake listening to the exciting sounds of popping fire crackers and we experienced the sparkling light from the lanterns hanging along Hanoi’s ancient streets.”

“The last twenty years of my life have been devoted to becoming an artist – I have continued to grow, learn and create. I want share my passion about the good in people and the innocence of children in my art. I often watch my children and their friends playing, dancing and practicing their musical instruments … their endearing expressions cheer me up and move me into a land of memories.”

Doan Thuy Hanh’s works are technically sophisticated and of the highest caliber and she is considered to be one of the finest female lacquer artists. She uses egg shell inlay, gold leaf and silver powder in her creations and her paintings come to life when viewed in natural light. Hanh's works are collected by enthusiasts from all over the world and she has participated in exhibitions in Hanoi and at the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo. Her husband, Tran Dinh Khuong is also an accomplished lacquer artist.

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