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Hong Viet Dung was born in 1962 in Hanoi. He graduated with a degree in painting from the Hanoi Industrial College of Fine Arts in 1984. His paintings often depict figures standing in solitude, sometimes holding simple objects. He uses pale and distinctly muted colors to bring a sense of calm to his works. Dung is a devote Buddhist and conveys his meditations in his paintings. He brings only the essentials into the foreground allowing the observer to use them as a stage for creating his or her own images and reflecting upon them. Dung produces a very limited number of works annually and his works are highly sought. He has exhibited around the world and his works are in the permanent collection of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

We do not currently have any pieces by Hong Viet Dung in the gallery but are happy to contact him for commissions as well as to see what he's currently working on. Please contact us with inquiries.   

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