Kit Nagamura

Kit Pancoast Nagamura is a Japan Times photojournalist with a regular column entitled "The Backstreet Stories". She graduated with honors from The Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University in 1982 with Bachelors degrees in Art and English. She went on to complete her Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan in 1988 and completed her PhD in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin in 1991. Kit has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and her works are held in private collections throughout the world. In her words “I approach photography in very much the same way as I approach the writing of haiku. When I walk the streets of Tokyo or explore the remotest areas of Japan, I cannot help but recognize the ephemeral, and respond to it. A photo of rich orange persimmons tied with rough rope is never just about persimmons or nature. The human element is deliciously, dangerously entwined.”

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