Biography - Lam Duc Manh - Toriizaka Art

Lam Duc Manh

Lam Duc Manh was born in 1972 in Thai Binh, Vietnam and graduated from the Hanoi University of Fine Art in 1999. He is happily married (his wife is a kindergarten teacher), has two sons born in 2004 and 2007 and currently lives in in the Long Bien District of Hanoi at the confluence of the Duong and Hong rivers.

"Art can have many purposes and missions. With my street and landscape scenes, my objective is to provide high quality decorative art at affordable prices. These paintings are not intended to have a political or social message; instead, they are painted with the hope of bringing joy, optimism and happiness to viewers. I have chosen Impressionism to express my positive feelings about contemporary life in Vietnam and hope my images reflect the beauty of nature as I see it. It is my hope that my paintings will help sustain a positive outlook in the hearts and minds of my patrons and viewers. It is also my hope that my art remains accessible so that many people can enjoy it.” Lam Manh

Despite Lam Duc Manh’s relative youth, his works are widely collected and appreciated. He has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam as well as exhibitions in the United States, Japan, England, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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