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Le Minh joined us on November 22nd for the opening of "Through Their Eyes" Benefit Exhibition at Shinsei Bank.  His abstract cityscapes and fishing villages are vibrant and full of life and keep the viewer coming back to seek the subtle detail.<br />
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When Minh is not painting, he can often be found taking photographs, fishing or spending time with his wife and young son. Fishing for Minh is an opportunity to be alone and to meditate and he often finds creative inspiration after spending time on the water.<br />
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Le Minh is a talented and fun individual who wears and shares a genuine smile.  Those who met him in November  experienced his delightfully contagious personality.

Le Minh

Le Minh was born in Hanoi in 1964 and graduated from the Saigon State Movie College in 1992. His works have been featured in several group and solo exhibitions in Vietnam, Japan and Dubai.

His paintings reflect the world as he experiences it - chaos intermingled with empty space, light juxtaposed with dark, vibrant colors tamed by subdued hues. Le Minh's abstract paintings are structured with houses, windows and cities often viewed from different perspectives. His paintings depict hectic, crowded life, glaring tropical sun, bustling night life as well as serene water scenes. Le Minh hopes that viewers of his works can learn from the "murmurings" between the opposite pairs he presents. His works are currently being carried in galleries in Dubai, Tokyo, Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Hanoi. Le Minh was one of three artists featured in the highly acclaimed "Through Their Eyes" Exhibition at Tokyo's Shinsei Bank Headquarters in November, 2008.

In addition to his vibrant large oil on canvas paintings, Le Minh is an accomplished graphic designer working in the desktop publishing field for art and advertising agencies. 

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