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I visited with Duc in May of last year.  He is truly a gentle giant in the art world.  His paintings have received significant critical acclaim and yet he remains humble and focused on improving his style.<br />
<br />
As can be seen in this picture, Duc's paintings are often larger than he is and completing them poses a unique set of challenges.  Duc is an absolutely delightful young man.  We enjoyed hosting him for the opening reception of "Through Their Eyes" at Shinsei Banks fabulous 20th floor exhibition hall in November, 2008.

Le Minh Duc

Le Minh Duc was born in 1981 and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2005. Duc sees beauty in the simple scenes that surround him in his daily life - the smallest alley, a dilapidated rowboat, laundry hanging in a garden, the sunset over a roof-top.

His use of light and dark hues gives each painting a sense of great depth and perspective. Although Duc paints images from his native Vietnam, they remind many of typical village scenes in Europe and Latin America.

Duc has been recognized as a significant young talent (Asian Art News) to watch and his paintings are being rapidly collected by enthusiasts intrigued with his realistic style. He recently completed solo exhibitions in Dubai and Singapore and was featured at the highly acclaimed "Through Their Eyes" exhibition in Nov. 2008 in Tokyo and at an exhibition in Hong Kong this September.

His works are currently being carried in galleries in Singapore, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Finland, Belgium and Hanoi.

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