Le Thong

Le Thong was born in 1961 and is currently a lecturer at the Hanoi Fine Art College. His father, Le Thiep (1924 - 1999) was a well respected artist, also teaching at the Hanoi Fine Art College. After completing five years of art study at the university in Hanoi, Le Thong was invited to study at the Kiev Academy in Ukraine. The instruction there was strict and systematic and furthered his talents in contemporary figurative and abstract art.

Women's beauty has been a consistent theme for many artists. But Le Thongs work is unique - delighting in the gracefulness of women’s figures and bringing out the aura and spirit of the subject he is painting. His women, captured in an instant of time, become a focal point that begs us to interpret and connect. Thongs portraits are beautifully refined. He uses a semi-abstract style to define the time, place and season for each scene but the hands, faces and gestures of his subjects are almost photo-realistic. Le Thongs paintings are not simply about beauty. They are about reality - greed, pride, happiness, distain, love. He is an artist with exquisite and profound talent.

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