Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong

Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong is a Vietnamese artist who often finds himself painting while in a dreamlike state. He dreams of his images in vivid color and then recreates his dreams on canvas. “My imagination, which holds a bit of a strange power over me, is often more interesting than my reality. I live in a world of seasons and landscapes but somehow, my mind deconstructs what I see into a series of pixelated images. Since I know that others don’t see or experience my visions in the same way I do, my paintings are my attempt to share the vibrancy and beauty I see in my mind.” Other than some initial brushwork to create the framework or structure of some branches or a tree trunk, Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong does not touch the canvas with either palate knife or brush. Instead, his paintings are created by systematically dropping the paint onto the canvas. This technique was pioneered by Max Ernst and later popularized by Jackson Pollock. The tens of thousands of unique points on each canvas, each a different size and color and applied with precise technique, create flawlessly balanced vibrant landscapes, reminiscent of impressionist and pointillist styles.

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