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Lim Khim Katy

Lim Khim Katy is a Cambodian / Vietnamese artist who draws inspirations for her paintings from real life experiences and interactions with ordinary people, many of who have endured hardship and suffering. “My paintings come from the feelings generated by observing life around me, from people’s eyes, gestures and the individual emotions they express. I often observe emotions expressed in the faces of people who have suffered hardships. “Whenever I experience ‘artist’s block’ I stop what I am doing and take a walk by myself, alone with my thoughts in order to observe people; it’s the best inspiration I can ask for in my work.” Capturing a person’s eyes is what is most important for Katy. For her, eyes are the gateway to the soul. “When I look into people’s eyes I believe I can understand them and relate to their stories.” Katy’s paintings of nostalgic village homes or colorful landscapes express both strong emotion and great tranquility and compliment her often melancholic portraits.

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