Biography - Lim Khim Katy - Toriizaka Art

Lim Khim Katy

Lim Khim Katy is the child of a Cambodian father and a Vietnamese mother who met during an art class. Katy was born in 1978 in Ho Chi Minh City and graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University in 2001.

Despite her relative youth, she was featured in her first solo exhibition in Hanoi in 2005. In her first exhibition outside the country (Bangkok, 2006) every piece sold out – an amazing feat for a young artist. Since graduation, Katy has received numerous prizes and certificates of merit for her paintings. She draws her inspiration from her life experiences and her interaction with others and feels compelled to record her observations on canvas. Her figurative works can be edgy and psychologically powerful with the subjects’ eyes shedding light on their emotional state. Katy's art often reflects hardship, a middle class striving to make life better or misery caused by poverty. Her landscapes are flooded with vibrant color yet remain tranquil and serene. Additional works available - please inquire.

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