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Nguyen Van Duc

Nguyen Duc was born in 1976 and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Art University in 2000. He is currently painting as well lecturing on Art at the State College of Music and Painting.

Nguyen Duc’s artwork is inspired by the people and nature of the northern highland region of Vietnam, especially the old plateau of Ha Giang. This area is unique for its brilliant blossoming trees and flowers during all four seasons. “While the colors and landscapes in my paintings may appear to be contrived, they are actually the rich and uniquely pristine reality of the region.”

“In most paintings, I have elected to focus on a small area with limited color contrasts to create a harmonious dialog between the space and the viewer. I have chosen an impressionist style of painting to best exploit the spectacular reality of the natural colors in of the blossoms juxtaposed with their surroundings. “

“Paths and homes of the highland people (who have shared their lives and lived off the land for hundreds of years) are suggested behind the brilliant white of the plum and apricot blossoms or the vivid pink of the cherry blossoms. The most important theme I want to convey is the transparent, overflowing light of this tranquil and legendary place - the northern highland.” Nguyen Duc uses a combination of brush and pallet knife creating a variety of textures and effects. He has been featured in numerous solo shows in Hanoi (including two solo shows at the Hanoi Hilton Opera Plaza) and at group exhibitions and art fairs in New York, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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