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Biography - Shoko and Suiko Ohta

Shoko Ohta

Shoko Ohta was born in Kobe in 1930 and became the third generation in her family to become a fine art painter. Her arts education was conducted by two generations before her and included strict instruction in the traditional methods of nanga and yamatoe ink-wash painting by her father, Shutei Ohta, her great aunt, Shutei Ohta and the great master, Nampu Katayama.

Shoko-sensei, as she is affectionately known by her students, has educated and motivated more than ten thousand students in this traditional art form over the past sixty years. Many of her students were introduced to her through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and through various embassies. Her artwork has been selected on multiple occasions for greeting cards by Unesco and Refugees International and has been commissioned by government officials for gifts to other nations.

太田 湘香 1930年 神戸にて、日本画家太田家の三代目として生まれる。 父 初代 太田秋亭、叔母 二代 太田秋亭、竪山南風等に師事し、南画、大和絵といった古典日本画の卓越した技術を習得した。 現在までに60年以上に亘り、一万人以上の生徒に、この伝統芸術としての日本画を指導してきた。外務省の文化事業部を通じて、各国大使夫人を中心に、親善外交にも尽力している。また、太田湘香の作品は、ユネスコや国際難民救済協会の慈善活動の一環であるグリーティングカードの絵に選ばれ、世界各国で愛用され続けている。

Suiko Ohta

Suiko Ohta, daughter of Shoko Ohta, was born in 1962 and is a fourth generation Japanese fine art painter. Since the Edo period (1603-), her ancestors were calligraphers to the Shogun. She is an accomplished and dynamic calligrapher as well as a painter employing traditional Japanese methods and materials. Suiko-sensei studied in Switzerland and the USA for two years, extending her experience with foreign cultures. During that time, she rediscovered her fascination for traditional Japanese culture. Her paintings are characterized by brighter colors and more freedom of expression than is typical of traditional Japanese works. She strives to depict a moment in time whether it’s the morning dew, the interplay of light and shadow or the effect of wind rustling amidst the leaves.

Like her mother, she has taught and promoted classical Japanese painting to Japanese and foreigners alike for more than thirty years. Her internationally infused background allows her to understand and appreciate different cultural sensibilities. As a result, her teaching includes not only Japanese traditional painting techniques but also traditional Japanese culture. 

太田 慧香 1962年、太田湘香の娘であり、日本画家太田家の四代目として生まれる。 祖先は代々、江戸時代より(1603−)、将軍の祐筆を勤めてきた。スイス、アメリカへ留学し、海外見聞を広めると同時に、日本の文化の大切さと素晴らしさに深く感銘し、画家としての活動にこの経験を活かしている。 慧香は、伝統的な日本の手法を継承し、日本画や書などの制作活動を精力的に成し遂げている。彼女の作品は、古典的技法を基礎に、新しい色彩感覚を織り交ぜ、風の流れや光の揺らぎを感じさせる現代性を加え、大胆な構成力によって迫力ある作品を作り出している。

母、湘香と同様に、日本画教室にて、日本人を始め外国人へも30年以上に亘り指導を続けている。指導に当たっては、彼女の海外留学経験によって、外国の繊細な文化の違いを深く尊重しつつ、日本画の技術と 更には日本の伝統文化を紹介、伝承することに努めている。

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