Biography - Tran Quoc Vinh - Toriizaka Art

Tran Quoc Vinh

Tran Quoc Vinh was born in Haiphong in 1959 and graduated in 1981 from the Higher Music and Art School. He is not a prolific painter but has participated in a number of exhibitions including Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and England. One particularly interesting exhibition (from my perspective) was in 1990 when he exhibited at the National Fine Art"Propaganda Posters for Children" exhibition organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and Education.

Vinh's paintings tend toward romantic surrealism. They often depict women going about their daily lives surrounded by whimsical light and beauty. Vinh tries to express the soul of people and objects in his paintings and the eyes which sometimes appear in his paintings symbolize the existence of life. The content of his paintings is not intended to reflect real life; instead, it reflects a life which is created in his imagination. Vinh's style and technique are well refined and exacting and his paintings are widely held in private collections.

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