Biography - Trinh Tuan - Toriizaka Art
Tuan in his studio in May with a recently completed triptych destined for exhibition in Thailand.

Trinh Tuan

Trinh Tuan was born in 1961 in Hanoi and graduated from the Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts College in 1985. He received his M.A. at Hanoi Fine Arts Institute in 2000. He is currently a Professor at Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts College.

Considered by many to be the premiere lacquer artist in Vietnam, his works depict a plethora of emotions. Some pieces evoke thoughts of caring, compassion and/or concern for loved ones; others depict lonely, contemplative or introspective individuals while yet others depict men and women struggling with strife, reconciliation, forgiveness, memories and loss. All of his works give the viewer an opportunity to reflect.

Tuan's foreign exhibitions have included Japan, China, Germany, Singapore, Denmark, France, Argentina, Laos, Australia, USA, Thailand, Israel, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Please join us at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel from February 15th - April 15th to see the "Emotions" exhibition featuring six new works.

Tuan's paintings are found, among others, in the collections of the Crown Prince of Norway and the National Art Gallery of Malaysia. He represented Vietnam in OpenAsia 2004 in Venice, Italy.

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