Biography - Vu Dinh Tuan - Toriizaka Art

Vu Dinh Tuan

Vu Dinh Tuan was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1973. He attended the Fine Arts and Music college preparatory program and graduated with a BFA from the Hanoi University of Fine Arts in 2000. Tuan studied printmaking in Portland, Maine and got his MFA in 2007 at the Hanoi University of Fine Arts. He is currently a lecturer in the Printmaking Department at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts as well as being a member of the Hanoi Fine Arts Association and the Vietnam Fine Arts Association. Vu Dinh Tuan's delicate silk works transfix us with his use of vibrant colors and a myriad of unexpected detail. His stylized faces rendered with contrasting animate and inanimate objects verge on surrealism although his paintings are not easily categorized since his work is truly unique. Unlike oil or acrylic paintings that can be modified with additional layering, painting on silk is a meticulous process that requires perfect control and painstaking accuracy.

Tuan’s ancient expressionless subjects with their Matisse like color palate are juxtaposed and surrounded by vibrant modern day creatures and elements, inspiring our imagination. Vu Dinh Tuan has exhibited widely in Vietnam and abroad in New York, Sweden, Japan, Bangladesh, Romania and Cambodia. Tuan has received numerous awards and prizes over the last ten years and enjoys a significant following in New York and around the world. He is regarded as one of the finest Vietnamese contemporary silk artists.

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