Current Exhibition

Making a Difference - One Sale at a Time

May 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Please join us in supporting our artists and our communities during these unprecedented times. We will get through this together.  

I am in frequent contact with all of our artists - checking in on them and their families and keeping them updated with what's happening in my world.  As many of you know, I work with a different model than most other galleries in the United States.  Instead of rotating pieces through the gallery and paying artists on consignment after a sale, I actually select and buy each piece of art from the artists in order to have a truly curated selection. 

While we can not bring anyone into the gallery at this time, we are still interested in connecting our many clients and patrons with art that will fill their lives with enjoyment.  

As most of our clients know, we support a number of non-profit organizations through the sale of our art.  We will continue to donate 10% of our total sales to various charities locally and internationally with the primary goal of supporting educational and health initiatives.  We will also continue to give 50 dollars from each sale to support Safewater Ceramics in Tanzania (that amount amazingly bringings five years of clean water to families, schools and villages).

Thanks as always to our wonderful patrons and clients.  Your support of our artists over the years has given them ample reason to continue with their passion. 

Past Exhibitions

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