Keiichiro Furukado 古門圭一郎

Untitled photo

Keiichiro Furukado was born in 1971 in Kanagawa prefecture. He completed his graduate studies at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1998.

Keiichiro Furukado's abstract works of art utilize PMMA acrylic sheets to express a rich sense of color and his unique worldview. The ink used in his creations is also his own original formulation that firmly adheres to the acrylic. The works selected for this exhibition use special techniques such as drawing and dropping directly onto acrylic, as well as decoupage using industrial wallpaper.

His works transform urban spaces. The unique creativity and appeal of colorful paint droplets combined with textured wallpaper keep viewers coming back for different interpretations and impressions each time they see his work. His art is designed to transform both public and private spaces while also having a direct and personal relationship with each viewer.

Since he began his art career in earnest in 2005, he has had more than 25 exhibitions. In addition to exhibitions in places such as Tokyo and Shanghai, many of his works are displayed in public spaces such as hospitals, condominiums, office buildings, restaurants and bars.






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