"Joyful Japan"

A Celebration of Summer and  Summer Festivals in Japan

Artist - Miyuki Satake  佐竹 未有希

"Talent knows no Handicap" 

unique original paintings and drawings created by 21 artists

working for Pasona Heartful

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ANA InterContinental Tokyo

June 14, 2017 - September 10, 2017

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Opening Reception Thursday, June 15

6:30pm - 8pm (3rd floor mezzanine)

RSVP requested

Map to ANA InterContinental, Tokyo

Summer Flowers - First Floor Lobby

  • Artist - Miyuki Satake  佐竹 未有希
  • Artist - Mamoru Morita  森田 守
  • Artist - Yusuke Iwamoto  岩本 悠介

Japanese Summer Sweets - Second Floor

  • Artist - Hina Ooyama  大山 陽菜
  • Artist - Masahiro Tanaka   田中 正博
  • Artist - Ryuuki Hayata  早田 龍輝

Summer Festivals - Third Floor Mezzanine

  • Artist - Mamoru Morita  森田 守
  • Artist - Futoshi Tomonaga  友永 太
  • Artist - Syo Morinaga  森永 翔
  • Artist - Mamoru Morita  森田 守
  • Artist - Mamoru Morita  森田 守
  • Artist - Syunichirou Minami  南 俊一郎
  • Artist - Futoshi Tomonaga  友永 太

Pasona Heartful is a special exception subsidiary company of the Pasona Group which supports employment for disabled people. Under the concept of "Talent Knows No Handicap" and with the aim of expanding work opportunities for those who have difficulty finding employment (including in the arts), twenty-one intellectually challenged employees create paintings as "Art Mura Artists" under the tutelage of Tokie Aizawa.

Motifs and materials for this exhibition are based on the various locations in the hotel where each piece is displayed. Japanese sweets were created for the 2nd floor main lobby area to compliment the open dining venue; paintings and drawings on the third floor mezzanine level depict traditional summer festivals and flowers are featured on the first floor.  

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